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Trader Joe’s Sharing and Caring Project

Trader Joe's Sharing and Caring Project

The Jesse Tree Salutes Trader Joe's by Sharing and Caring….

September 16, 2016 – The Jesse Tree Office, 6801 Emmett Lowry Expy, TX City

Meeting Agenda:

8:30 AM   
8:40 AM   
8:40 AM   
9:20 AM   
9:30 AM   

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The purpose of today's meeting is to gather this dedicated group to see the newly developed "APP" – which will allow us to easily post the video clips, recipes and photos generated by the Sharing and Caring project with Trader Joe's generous donations. The project has outlined the following, as important:

  • Rescuing food that will otherwise go to waste, distribute it to people who need it, will benefit from it and can learn healthier eating habits,
    • Trader Joe's wants to increase donations,
    • Texas A&M students are helping us!
  • Teaching non-profits how to sort, store and prudently use donated foods,
    • Video lessons on sorting and storage tips
    • Short lessons to introduce healthier foods that may be unfamiliar to recipients (breads, fruits, vegetables, sauces, etc.),
  • Gathering recipes, food storage tips, cooking lessons and shopping lists that prepare organizations and individuals to best use their foods,
    • A is for Apple – Ann's script on the healthy uses of the apple,
    • Dr. Dale's recipes for healthier eating,
    • Modified recipes – tortilla w/applesauce, etc.
  • Building on the nutrition as the foundation for improved health and well-being by connecting with Resource Coordination, Case-Management, the Chronic Conditions Management Program(s) to connect individuals to healthcare options, social services, ministerial assistance and other community resources,
  • Combating chronic health conditions through improved nutrition and poverty by teaching tips on budgeting, shopping, reducing waste and overall household wellness,
    • o Using coupons, shopping store tours, shopping lists, reading labels, etc.
  • Creating an initial network of organizations who will receive donations while also benefiting from the information and additional connections,
    • The ADA Women's Center
    • The Children's Center
    • Families in Case-Management
    • Chronic Conditions Management Classes