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The Jesse Tree App

The Jesse Tree App

Connecting, Rebuilding, Uplifting…

The Jesse Tree – ready to grow:

Seeking Sustainability…

Give a person a fish or teach a person to fish?

We see people – not problems!

A shoot will come up from the stem of Jesse;

From its inception in 1995, in Galveston, Texas, The Jesse Tree, creates quicker, more effective ways to connect people to information, resources and care, then coordinates solutions through a truly integrated Care Management System.

It's a model that works!!

The Initial Jesse Tree Challenge:

  • Adapt technology to improve stewardship of resources,
  • Connect people to care, quickly, easily,
  • Increase enrollment in all programs; find alternatives for those ineligible for federal and state funded programs,
  • Integrate ministerial resources, healthcare, social services, and other community resources,
  • Uplift people from poverty and destructive cycles that inhibit independence and self-sufficiency – while treating people with dignity and as individuals!
  • Give us five minutes, there is something we can do to help you!

The current challenge….

Dr. Beena George, Cameron School of Business, University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX:

"We want to create an innovative portfolio of program offerings that supports the school's mission and meets the needs of the community we serve.

As we complete activities in support of these priorities, we will see continued success in educating students to be strong leaders making ethical decisions that result in business success and sustainability."

Growing to the next level:

The Jesse Tree needs:

  • an innovative, achievable business plan to sustain its core programs and to grow to the next level…
  • to implement a newly developed "APP" with a business plan that maximizes its effectiveness and generates income.

Maria lives on a fixed income…

For example, a Food Fair is like a Farmer's Market – There's laughter and music, fresh fruits and vegetables. Maria learned about Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB); that pays her hospitalization and puts $105 in her monthly check – nearly 80% of eligible Galvestonians never hear about it.

The Jesse Tree goes out to the people - Maria heard about it at Food Fair.

Diabetes Management Classes

Maria attends diabetes and cooking classes. At food fairs; She found more affordable prescriptions and makes new friends.

Begin with improved nutrition…

Each Food Fair is like giving people some fish:

  • Each Food Fair is like giving people some fish:
  • To 500 individuals who represent 3000 other family members at home, thus increasing their household income,
  • And at this dignified "Farmer's Market" style venue we offer healthcare screening and social service information and enrollment, while collecting important demographic information.

The Jesse Tree process…

  • Don't put a band-aid on major problems; identify the root cause(s) of the hunger, for instance and fix the problem!
  • Identify ALL chronic conditions trapping people in destructive cycles and "teach them to fish" by teaching them what actions will manage these chronic conditions.
  • Extending hospitality, accepting people as they are and offering dignified and compassionate options inspires and empowers them to solve their own problems,
  • Create a sophisticated level of collaboration by coaching the individual to drive the solutions, filling gaps and staying the course for the duration of the problem.

Identifies ALL Chronic Conditions;

Chronic Social Conditions:

  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Homelessness
  • Co-Dependency (self-sabotaging behaviors) Poor decision making.

Chronic Medical Conditions:

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease (stroke/heart)
  • Obstructive lung disease (including asthma)
  • Cancers
  • Mental Illness/Addiction/Stress
  • Chronic infection and pain, (HIV, Hep C)

Teach Chronic Conditions Management;

  • Teach classes in English and Spanish,
  • Develop curricula for managing chronic conditions,
  • Offer cooking classes while teaching budgeting, shopping, planning, cooking and enjoying healthier meals,
  • Implement a train-the-trainer model, so clients eventually become trainers.
  • Offer culturally sensitive options, recipes and encouragement.
  • Enhance the joy with music, art and celebration.

Houston Food Bank Delivery at a Food Fair

In one year, with six Jesse Tree Food Fair sites over one million dollars of produce was distributed and thousands of lives were improved.

Another Example: Uninsured and hospitalized?

As many as 40% of Galveston County residents are either uninsured or under-insured, meaning that although they have access to healthcare, they live below the poverty level and cannot afford to get sick. What happens when they are hospitalized? This is a dilemma for the hospital, the patient and the family,

Many of these individuals are students, restaurant workers, daily wage earners from two-income households that cannot make ends meet.

A sudden illness, allergy or accident can be the beginning of a financial catastrophe from which people can't recover.

The Jesse Tree Response:

  • Intervene to help the patient, hospital and family identify resources and options to make discharge easier,
  • Connect people to primary care, low-cost prescriptions, durable medical equipment, medical supplies, etc.
  • Connect people to primary care, low-cost prescriptions, durable medical equipment, medical supplies, etc.
  • Integrate healthcare, social services, ministerial and community resources and enroll them in case-management,
  • Integrate healthcare, social services, ministerial and community resources and enroll them in case-management,

Meet directly with the patient and family…

This provides an opportunity to discuss the situation at home and to identify needs beyond the medical scope; food, transportation and other needs…

Follow-up with durable medical equipment, medical supplies and prescription assistance…

The Jesse Tree uses Efforts to Outcomes "ETO" a case-management software developed to best respond to the needs of the patients…

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Senior Food Box Delivery Program

Another opportunity to educate and practice prevention; eliminate falls and connect individuals to education and prescriptions…

The Beach Patrol Project

The Jesse Tree and the Galveston County Beach Patrol created The Survivor's Support Network to attend to the needs of the friends and families of drowning victims.

Sustaining The Jesse Tree…

We have a model that works; Excellent staff and volunteers, A good track record, credibility and access to amazing assets; But, Hurricane Ike and the recent economic recession pruned The Jesse Tree back to a stem…and took an immense toll on the programs.

Time to grow again with a new plan and business principles,

We are producing an App that will help teach individuals and families how to actively solve their own problems; Uplift themselves from poverty and improve their overall health. Like teaching them to fish.

Please help us formulate that plan NOW…

Time is of the essence…

At present, funding that sustains the Food Fairs and Food Boxes will run out at the end of the calendar year; without a viable business plan of action, the healthcare programs will no longer be able to function. The sooner we implement features that sustain these programs, the more stable our future.

Motivated by the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, The name of the organization was taken from Isaiah 11:1 The Jesse Tree is a 501c3 non-profit corporation welcoming ecumenical and secular collaboration to connect, rebuild and uplift the lives of those in need.

Contact Information:


Ted Hanley – (409) 682 6218
David Mitchell - (409) 599 4847
Rosa L. Salinas – (409) 762 2233

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