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Make A Donation

together we can uplift

Make a Donation

You may make a donation by Paypal (pressing the yellow “Paypal Donate” button), credit card (Clicking one of the “Donate Via Credit Card” options below), or send us a check payable to The Jesse Tree, P.O. Box 575, Galveston, TX 77555-0575.

Wheelchairs Needed – PLEASE help us gather as many wheelchairs as possible to assist in evacuation of Hurricane Harvey victims; there are still elderly and sick people stranded in their homes and other facilities that MUST be quickly evacuated.  Please help us find as many wheelchairs, as possible as quickly as possible.  Call or text 409 682 6218; email thanley@jessetree.net or inbox on FaceBook – circuits are overloaded, if you don’t get through on the first call, please ty again.  Other dureable medical equipment will be needed, as soon as possible, however the emergency need for wheelchairs is the priority!!!


Donate via credit card

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We are uplifting, rebuilding and renewing The Jesse Tree one dollar at a time. In fact, we are pleased to tell you that despite the downturn in the economy, The Jesse Tree is a very cost-effective way to help our community.Based on the concept of “good stewardship”, The Jesse Tree has learned how to give generously, while wisely investing in our community. Perhaps you did not know that although millions of food stamp dollars have been allocated for Galveston County residents – over $40 million of those dollars will never be spent in our grocery stores. And let’s face it that would be a significant boon to our local economy. We will never see those dollars, because:

  • People cannot get transportation to apply for them,
  • The applications process is difficult, demanding and complicated,
  • Many people have lost the papers, documents and ID’s required to apply

In 2009, The Jesse Tree distributed over $8 million in fresh fruit and vegetables, at nine county locations at regularly scheduled Food Fairs. At these fairs, in addition to taking home nutritious foods, assistance is provided to enroll for Food Stamps and many other programs that bring funding directly into the local economy.You’ve heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? The Jesse Tree’s Chronic Conditions Management Program teaches people how to change unhealthy habits into healthy lifestyles – reducing the number of uninsured individuals using emergency rooms or requiring hospitalization – The same program trains “trainers” to carry this message to teach others.The Jesse Tree extends the “ounce of prevention” philosophy beyond healthcare. Most programs will not help individuals or families with rent or utility bills until an eviction notice or disconnection notice has been received. Most cannot provide immediate financial assistance, so, by the time help arrives, there is an additional late or reconnection fee in addition to the original amount. The Jesse Tree encourages people to come in before the problem has gotten out of hand and while the required amounts are reasonable.Care to donate goods? Fill out the receipt and drop it by along with your goods at our main office, 6801 Emmett Lowry Expressway, Texas City (separate white building behind Mainland Medical Center) or call us at (409) 762-2233.